Speaker Application Process

To apply please fill out the online form at:


The deadline for submissions is August 20th, 2014.

The Speaker Application Prospectus can be found at::

TEDx 2014 Speaker Application Prospectus

The online form will ask for the following information:

Personal Information: Full Name, Email Address, Contact Phone Number,
*UCL Students and Academics only: Please specify your degree/post and faculty
Brief Biography: Feel free to send a CV if that is more convenient.
Your Idea: Please provide a summary of your idea, articulated in no more than 800 words. Please do not send us a script of a speech.
TEDx Topic: Please select the topic and category you would like to be considered for.
Video of Past Public Speaking: Please provide a URL of a video of previous public speaking. If you do not have a link please send a video file to info@tedxucl.org. Please do not send more than one video. While any past
public speaking is acceptable, we recommend applicants to send their most recent example of their public speaking. Please also indicate the number of audience members. If you do not have such a video available, please provide
a brief description of past public speaking experience. Applicants will not be disadvantaged if they do not have a video.
• Please let us know if there are any dates you are unavailable for a meeting.

After the Application

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a meeting to further discuss the Talk they wish to give (Skype meeting can be arranged). At the meeting we would like to better understand your idea and your proposal to obtain whether your
talk would be a good fit for the event. Meetings will occur on a rolling basis, and all successful applicants will be selected and notified by early September.
Speakers will be invited to attend an optional speaker training workshop in September, where experienced speakers and organisers from the TEDx community will help you shape your talk for the TEDx stage. All speakers are required to have their Talk and presentation materials prepared by September 25th and attend a rehearsal session in early October (date to be confirmed). At the rehearsal, speakers may be recommended to retouch their Talks. Any speakers wishing to practice retouched Talks or simply to rehearse their Talks will be invited to a second rehearsal.